Sweet Favors & Gifts

Candy treats are a perfect gift for a variety of occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, house warmings & showers, both wedding & baby! Everyone has a sweet tooth, and beautifully packaged candy is a delightful way to say 'good luck', 'happy birthday', and 'congratulations'. For all those occasions, you are sure to get a  'you shouldn't have, but I am so glad you did!"


Custom Candy Boxes

Build your own candy box by selecting 3 items from the offerings menu, and we will take it from there. If you are gifting and want recommendations, we are happy to help! We have something everyone will enjoy, and when in doubt a variety is always best. You can even double your candy pleasure and select 6 items that will be beautifully packaged and sent to you straight away to satisfy that sugary craving.   


Party Favors

Wether you need 15 or 150, let us customize a special candy party favor for your next birthday, anniversary, or shower. We are pros at coming up with unique and personalized favors that will be sure to please your party guests. From candy kabobs to candy cones, we are here to make your wildest sweet favors come to life! 


Corporate Giftgiving

Candy is the perfect 'thank you' for any and all corporate occasions. We have filled orders from 25-250+ boxes, and our turn around time will impress you. We understand the art of wanting something special, something local, and something that will stand out to even the most discerning candy connoisseurs. Inquire today, let us impress you!