– Candy Wall –

[ Featuring this weeks selections ]




Fruity and refreshing, Haribo grapefruit gummis are an in-store best seller, and make the perfect chewy treat.

Wine Gums

Most popular gummi from the UK, dense and chewy with extraordinary fruit flavors like blackberry, pineapple, cherry & orange.

Jelly Babies

Another UK favorite. Soft and fruity, and coated in corn starch.

Sour Gummi Worms

Supremely tart, soft and delicious. Our best selling sour treat for sure!

Gummi Worms

Fruity and fresh and every kids favorite! You will not be able to eat just one.

Sugared Spring Bunnies

Delicious and light, coated in a sweet sugar. Pastel in color, a perfect spring gummi.

Watermelon Rings

Sugared gummi rings with a sweet watermelon flavor.

Candy Blocks

They look like legos and you can in-fact build with them, but they taste like sweet tarts!

Cinnamon Bears

If you like your cinnamon hot, these bears are for you!

Organic All-natural Jelly Beans

Flavored with organic fruit juices, these are hands down the best jelly beans I can find, anywhere.

Gummi Flowers

Light in texture, heavy in flavor, beautiful in appearance...gummi flowers have it all. 


WM Drinking Chocolate

WM chocolate is one of my favorite additions to the store. Along with his bars, we also offer the delectable drinking chocolate. Think espresso to coffee...it is a dense & rich version of hot chocolate, perfect for a chilly April eve. Yes, I said chilly April eve.  

Spring Flower Kabobs

Adorable candy skewers loaded with gummi candy and topped with a gummi flower. The perfect spring treat, or can also be ordered in bunches for parties and events!

Italian White Chocolate Jelly Bean Lollies

Italian white chocolate is creamy & rich, and these lollies are loaded with pastel jelly beans. Both adorable and delicious. 




Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Coated in dark chocolate, these rich caramel balls have a hint of sea salt, making them truly scrumptious.

Milk Chocolate Malt Balls

Triple dipped in the milkiest of milk chocolate, and a crisp crunchy malt center.

Coconut Cremes

Love coconut? These will make you happy. Delectable coconut creme coated in rich and dark chocolate. A spring favorite.

Maple Cremes

Deep dark chocolate and maple...enough said.

White Chocolate Caramel Clusters

Sweet white chocolate, and cashews swimming in creamy caramel. The perfect sweet and salty treat.

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Gourmet espresso beans coated in rich dark chocolate. A crunchy delicious buzz.




Sugar coated anise square gumdrop, mild in flavor. Made in Holland.

Finnska Black

High in molasses, sweet and soft black licorice. Made in Finland. 

Hot Pepper Firetrucks

Spicy black pepper takes this licorice to a whole new level. Soft liquid center, and just enough sweetness to make your mouth water. Made in Germany.

Single Salt Soft

Soft and dense cylinders, with a single salt flavor. Made in Finland.

Farm Salt

For those who like a firm texture, these single salt farm shapes are for you. Extraordinary flavor, and a dense firm texture.

Black Licorice Banana Ape Heads

From Amsterdam, these cuties are shaped like adorable ape heads and have a stunningly unique banana & licorice flavor. 

Finnska Strawberry

For the strawberry licorice fan, these are dense, chewy squares of licorice heaven. By far the best strawberry flavor I can find.