– Candy Wall –

[ Featuring this weeks selections ]


Sugared Fruit

Fruity and refreshing, sugared fruit slices are dense & chewy with spectacular fruit flavor, from Holland. 

Jelly Babies

Another UK favorite. Soft and fruity, with a slight marshmallow flavor, yum!

Sour Bubble Gum Bottles

Supremely tart, soft and delicious. A sour gummi from Holland with a very unique flavor, and adorable in light pink & blue.

Gummi Raspberry Pretzels

Dense in texture, heavy in raspberry flavor, beautiful in appearance...gummi raspberry pretzels have it all. From Holland.

Sugared Orange Slices

Delicious and dense, with supreme orange flavor.

Spice Drops

Sugared petite gummi spice drops, a holiday favorite!

Cola Bottles

Haribo cola bottles are the best, with supreme flavor and a soft, dense chew.

Cinnamon Bears

If you like your cinnamon hot, these bears are for you!

Sour Twin Cherries

Gustaf’s delectable sour cherries. So delicious, you just have to try them! 

Gummi Cupcakes

Theses are adorable, in yellow, green, brown and pink. Tops and bottoms are separate, so you can have fun building your own cupcakes!

Wine Gums

A UK favorite, and we are one of the only places in town that stocks them. Fruity and very dense, with rich flavor and supreme chew.



WM Drinking Chocolate

WM chocolate is one of my favorite additions to the store. Along with his bars, we also offer the delectable drinking chocolate. Think espresso to coffee...it is a dense & rich version of hot chocolate, perfect for a chilly April eve. Yes, I said chilly April eve.  

Seasonal Candy Kabobs

Adorable candy skewers loaded with gummi candy and topped with a gummi penguin or a fruit slice. The perfect fall treat, or can also be ordered in bunches for parties and events!

Chocolate Boxes

Square boxes filled with dark chocolate sea salt caramels, pecan turtles, white chocolate cashew clusters & milk chocolate malt balls. Perfect hostess gift!

Layered Licorice Bags

If you are or know a licorice lover this is for you! We layer 3 of our delectable licorice varieties in one cello bag. We pair a sweet, salty, and savory to satisfy all of your licorice cravings.




Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Coated in dark chocolate, these rich caramel balls have a hint of sea salt, making them truly scrumptious.

Milk Chocolate Malt Balls

Triple dipped in the milkiest of milk chocolate, and a crisp crunchy malt center.

Milk Chocolate Raisins

A childhood favorite.Yummy fruity and tart raisins dipped in scrumptious milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Cranberries

Dried cranberries coated in rich milk chocolate. Truly delectable

White Chocolate Cashew Cluster

Salty, nutty, chewy & delicious. Cashews and caramel coated in sweet white chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles

Caramel, pecan, milk chocolate goodness. Do we need to say more?




Sugar coated anise square gumdrop, mild in flavor. Made in Holland.

Finnska Black

High in molasses, sweet and soft black licorice. Made in Finland. 

Licorice Drops

From Holland, these dense drops have mild flavor, and a spectacular chew. The store black licorice favorite!

Finnska Strawberry

Delicious strawberry licorice in large chewy squares. Made in Finland.

Farm Salt

For those who like a firm texture, these single salt farm shapes are for you. Extraordinary flavor, and a dense firm texture.

Dusted Fish

From Holland, this licorice is dense and sweet and dusted in anise powder.


Licorice sold in bags

Hot Pepper Licorice Firetrucks

Hot pepper coated black licorice with a liquid center. Hot & spicy delicious. From Holland.

Black Cats

Mild licorice with a dense texture, shaped like cute little cats. For Holland.